Podcast Episodes

The Extra 10%

What gives you that extra 10%? You know, the thing that moves you from just good to great. From form to inflection, we’ll lay it all out for you.

Nashville Numbers

Nashville numbers are the latest form of music notation. If you are anything like me, you probably think it sounds fake. How can you notate music with a name like that?

Crash Course on Harmony

Harmony can be light or dense, simple or complex, and utterly confusing. Just the Bassics gives a crash course on harmony that will give you what you need.

Time Signatures

Time passes and no two days are the same. Time passes in music, but it has to be the same! That’s where Time Signatures step in. Listen to learn more!

Triads and Extensions

Imagine your favorite song with only one note played at a time. It just doesn’t sound right. Triads and extensions are the key to building the perfect song.

Key Signatures and Scales

The first step to learning functional music theory is key signatures and scales. We’ll make it simple for you! Listen to learn more!

Why Music Theory is Important

We get it, music theory can be boring. Learning sets of rules can be dry. Music Theory is important because it unlocks your playing and builds a foundation.

Got GAS?

Gear is vital to being a musician. What do you do when you just NEED to have more? We call it GAS, and this is how we handle it.

Categorizing Music

We always say music doesn’t have to be complicated, but how can categorizing music be easy? We will teach you how to have just four categories!

The 3 Foundational Minor Scales

There are three foundational minor scales that make up music: Natural, harmonic, and melodic. What’s the difference? Tune in to find out!

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