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3.15.20. Childish Gambino’s newest album is woke and full of incredible musical concepts. Side B of The Flipside breaks it down song by song and tells you why you should listen to this album. 

Childish Gambino 

Childish Gambino, A.K.A. Donald Glover, has accomplished a massive amount in his 36 years. He wrote for Tina Fey when he was just 23 years old on the sitcom 30 rock. He starred in Community, and he is currently starring in Atlanta. He won two primetime Emmy’s and two Golden Globe Awards for Atlanta. He was in SOLO: A Starwars Story, Spiderman: Far From Home, Magic Mike XXL, The Martian, and voiced Simba in The Lion King remake of 2019. His first Album, Camp, came out in 2011. Then, his second album Because the Internet was released in 2013. Then in 2016 he released his third album, Awake My Love. The song This is America won four Grammys in 2019. His most recent album, 3.15.20, was released in March of 2020. 


3.15.20 is a complete album akin to the long play albums of Marvin Gaye. It is incredibly well done. From start to finish it is coherent both in message and in style. It starts strong, is strong in the middle, and ends strong. This is an album that should have much higher acclaim and recognition. 

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