Past Episodes.

Falling Back in Love with the Bass

Have you ever felt burn out from playing music? This is my story about how I felt out of – then into – love with the bass.

We Answer Reddit

We are back! This time around we answer YOUR questions, internet! We browsed the depths of Reddit to find music theory questions galore – and boy, did we find some good ones.

Gypsy Jazz

What is Gypsy Jazz? I’m glad you asked! This episode goes into detail about where gypsy jazz comes from and how to play it. If you love jazz, you will love this.

From our blog.

Top 10 Soundtracks of Gaming

Top 10 Soundtracks of Gaming

The possibilities for composers in video games are endless. We’ve seen thousands of creative approaches to a game’s score that completely shape the tone of a bunch of tiny, moving, digital squares.

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